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Exporting Data From Mobile Apps
Exporting Data From Mobile Apps

Once the data has been collected on-site, it's time to upload it to SurvAid

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Exporting data can either be done from the main list of items or in the form view of individual records.

Exporting From The Main List

When there's one or more items in the main list, a toolbar with two buttons will appear at the top. The one on the right is the Export button.

Tapping on the Export button will bring up a list of options:

  1. Selection

  2. All Draft

  3. Cancel

Selecting Specific Items to Export

Choosing "Selection" from the export options will add a checkbox to each item in the list. Tapping on an item will toggle the checkbox on and off.

Once you've selected the items you'd like to export, tap on the Export button again to trigger the upload.

Exporting All Draft Items

To export all records that are in the draft state, select "All Draft" from the export choices. Tap "OK" on the confirmation alert that appears to start uploading all the relevant items.

Uploading Data

Once you've selected the items you want to export, the list will update with each item showing its status and progress until all items have been uploaded to the SurvAid web portal.

At this point all the rows will turn green to let you know they've been exported.

Exporting Individual Records From The Form View

If you just want to export one record you can tap on it in the list to go the form view, then use the Export button at the top right of the screen.

Tap on that, then "OK" on the confirmation and a dialog will show you the progress of the upload, then confirm that it was successful.

Re-Exporting Data

If you make changes to any of the data after exporting it, you can re-upload it as many times as necessary.

Doing this will overwrite any information that's currently in the database, which may cause an issue if it has been edited on the web in the meantime.

Because of this, the app will display a message to alert you to the risks of data loss and asking you to confirm the action before triggering fresh exports.

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