Viewing Recorded Data

All the records created in the apps are listed on the main page

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Once you've created your first record, it'll appear in the list on the main page of the app, and as you record more and more data then the list will continue to grow.

Tapping on an item in the list will take you back to the form used to create it so you can edit or update the data if required.

List Item States

Each item in the list can be in one of three states:

  1. Incomplete - all data in SurvAid's apps needs at least a job number to be able to be exported, and may have further validation applied for other mandatory or format-specific fields. If any data is missing or invalid, then the icon on the left will be appear red.

  2. Draft - all required data is present, but the item has not yet been exported to the SurvAid web portal.

  3. Exported - this data has been uploaded to the cloud. The list item will turn green and the icon changes from a pencil and paper to an aeroplane.

Incomplete and draft items will have the creation data as a subheading, whereas exported items have the date they were uploaded underneath.

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