Once some data has been uploaded from a mobile app, you have the ability to make changes to it in the web portal if required.

This can either be at an individual level for a certain data record, or batch updates that affect all the data within a certain job.

In this article we'll look at editing an individual record.

Once you have navigated to the detail page for a particular piece of data, you'll see a green Edit button at the top of the screen.

Clicking on that will change the appearance of the view to show the appropriate options for editing that type of data.

These can be text fields or checkboxes/radio buttons for text type data, or if you scroll to the bottom of the page there are options to upload your own photos and/or diagrams if you so wish.

At both the top and bottom of the page there are three buttons you can use to come out of editing mode:

  • Cancel - leave editing mode without saving any changes

  • Save - save any changes made and go back to the detail view

  • Delete - permanently delete this record from the database

If the Save button is clicked, any changes will then be reflected back in the detail screen for that record.

Marking Data as Checked

There's a field called "Checked By" when in editing mode. You can use this to record the fact that somebody has gone over all the data and verified it's correct.

Once some text (usually a name or initials) has been entered in here and the document saved, a green tick will appear in the list view for that job.

This lets you easily which data has been reviewed and which is still to be looked at.

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