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Transferring Data Between Companies
Transferring Data Between Companies

Companies that use SurvAid can share data with each other

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If you're working in collaboration with another firm or subcontracting out work, it's possible for data to be collected by team members of one company, and then be transferred to another company with a SurvAid account.

Whether you're looking to transfer data to someone else or have them send it to you, the way it's set up is in the "Data Transfer" section of the left navigation.

Setting Up A Link Between Companies

In order to be able to make transfers between companies, both parties have to agree to create a link with each other.

Traffic can only travel one way i.e. one company can only push data to another one - it's not possible for a company to access the data of another one and "pull" it into their area.

To achieve this, one company has to be the "sender" and the other the "receiver". The sender requests permission to transfer data to the receiver, and the receiver grants it.

To Receive Data From Another Company

Every company within SurvAid is assigned its own unique code, and this is what's used to create the link with other companies.

To allow another company to send you data, simply copy the code from this page and send it to somebody who is an Administrator of the sender company.

To Send Data To Another Company

To be able to send data from your company to another, they need to provide you with their unique code as described above.

Once you receive this code, navigate to the same "Transfer Data" section, enter the code into the text field in the middle section and click on the Add Company button.

This will create the link and once complete, you'll see a confirmation banner and the company name will appear in the added Companies" section.

You can link with as many companies as you wish.

Removing A Link Between Companies

If you no longer want to be able to send data to another company, you can remove the link by clicking on the red X button next to any of the company names in the "Added Companies" section.

Click OK on the confirmation alert and the link will cease to exist.

Sending Data to Another Company

The process to send data to another company in SurvAid is very similar to how you export data.

Whether viewing the details of an individual record or in the batch update view, at the top of the screen next to the Preview and Export buttons you will see an Assign button.

Clicking on this will display a drop-down menu of all the companies you have created links to.

Click on the company you would like to send the data to and as soon as the transfer is complete, you'll see a confirmation banner at the top of the screen.

Also, if you subsequently view the detail view for any records that have been assigned to another company, you'll see a message at the top with the date of the transfer and who it was made by.

Receiving Data From Another Company

If another company assigns some data to you, when you log in and see the list of job numbers, any that have been transferred will have an icon of two small red arrows next to it.

You can filter the list to show only jobs that have been assigned to your company by using the switch at the top of the screen if you so wish.

Similar to if you assign data to another company, if you navigate to the detail view of a record that has been transferred to you from a third party then at the top you''ll see a message to say who made the transfer and when.

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