Batch Updating Data

Make certain fields the same across a whole job

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In the article about editing individual records we go over how to update the details of one particular data record if there are some changes needed.

Sometimes however, we want to make it so that certain fields are consistent across the entire job. These are commonly things like the project name or location. If multiple surveyors use apps to record data for the same job, some of the details might have different formats or spellings which can lead to inconsistencies when producing deliverables.

To rectify this, when viewing the data within a particular job there's a "Batch Update" tab at the top.

Clicking here will take you to the Batch Update view, which has a number of text fields which can be populated with the required data.

Multiple fields can be batch updated at the same time if required.

Once you've set the required text, simply click on the "Save" button, confirm on the alert the appears and you will have set that field to be the same for all data in that job.

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