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Export data in the right format to import into other systems

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For users of the Manhole Inspection app, one of the batch export options is to create a CSV file (see the article on exporting data for more details).

Companies tend to use these files to import manhole data into other systems such as CAD or GIS packages.

The standard file contains all of the data fields from the free Manhole Inspection app that's available on the Play/App Store.

This is a lot of information and some of it may not be relevant, or you might have your own custom app with just the information required for your workflow.

If you need a CSV that contains only certain fields and headers, we can add this into the system so it will be available as an export option for all team members that have a login for your company.

If a custom CSV is something you'd like to explore, see this article to learn about the customisation process and next steps, or feel free to get in touch.

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