In some cases, part of the manhole deliverable can be diagrams of how various nodes connect to each other.

To facilitate this in the Manhole Inspection app, there's a connectivity sketch tool that uses drag n' drop components similar to the ones in the location and chamber sketches.

This YouTube video gives you a run through or find out more below...

Add Nodes or Arrows

When you first open the connectivity sketch, there's a single node in the centre of the diagram. If required, this can be moved by tapping and holding your finger on the circle until it expands, then dragging into position and removing your finger again.

The buttons at the top on the left will add incoming nodes or arrows, and the buttons on the right produce outgoing nodes or arrows.

Tapping on one of these will make a purple line with a direction arrow appear from the original circle, either with or without its own circle at the end and a blue handle.

While in this active state, you can drag the blue handle with your finger to place the end of line in the desired position.

Tap the diagram background to make the line inactive, at which point it will turn red and the blue handle will disappear.

Tap on a line to make it active again if you need to alter its position.

The central node can be moved at any time and the ends of the lines will follow it around.

Add Text

Tapping on Label button will let you add labels to the diagram with whatever text you like.

Once you tap on the return key or the diagram background, the keyboard will disappear and you can tap and hold the the text until it expands, drag it into position and release it to set it in place.

Tapping on the text will bring up the keyboard again so you can make changes.

Remove Unwanted Items

When you tap on one of the red lines or some text to make it active, the Delete button will become enabled above the diagram.

Tap this to remove any unwanted items.

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