Once you're happy that the data on your device has been uploaded to the SurvAid web portal and no further changes or updates are required, if can be deleted from your phone/tablet to free up space.

NB - There is no way of undoing a deletion.

Deleting Via The Toolbar

When there's one or more items in the main list, a toolbar with two buttons will appear at the top. The one on the left is the Delete button.

Tapping on the Delete button will bring up a list of options:

  1. Selection

  2. All Exported

  3. Cancel

Selecting Specific Items to Delete

Choosing "Selection" from the delete options will add a checkbox to every item in the list. Tapping on an item will toggle the checkbox on and off.

Once you've selected the items you'd like to delete, tap on the Delete button again to trigger their removal.

Deleting All Exported Items

To remove all records that have been uploaded, select "All Exported" from the delete choices.

Tap "OK" on the confirmation alert that appears, and all the exported items will disappear from the list.

Deleting Individual Items

If you just want to remove a single record at a time, you can swipe your finger left on any of the list items. A red Delete button will then appear on the right hand side.

Tap on the Delete button, then "Delete" in the confirmation dialog, and that particular item will be removed from the list.

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