When you download and launch one of SurvAid's apps, the first screen you come to has a plus button in the top right corner.

Underneath will be a message inviting you to tap it to create a new data record according to the type of data the app collects.

Form Choice

If the particular app you're using only has a single form for collecting data, then tapping on the plus button will navigate you straight to that form.

However, some apps have a choice of forms. In that case, tapping on the plus button will take you to a page that gives you a choice of which data you'd like to collect.

Here's an example of this in the Manhole Inspection app

Tapping on any of the options will take you to the relevant form.

Copying Previous Records

Once you've entered some data and saved a record, it will appear at the top of the list on the main page.

With most data types, there's some information that will be the same for every record in the job. This tends to be things like:

  • Date

  • Job Number

  • Recording Surveyor

  • Project Name

  • SIte Name

  • etc

So the next time you tap on the plus button, you'll be given the choice of starting a new record from scratch, or copying the one that was just created.

Only data that's common to all records is copied over rather than the whole thing, so items such as coordinates will always be blank whenever a new record is created.

Copy Options With Multiple Saved Records

Once you have a number of saved records in the list, tapping on the plus button will bring up the same alert to give you choices, but this time there will be an additional option to pick a previous record to duplicate.

You may not always want to copy the last record that was created, so this allows you to choose from any saved record instead.

Tapping the "Pick One To Copy" option will change the background of the list, and any record you choose will then be duplicated and you'll be taken to the relevant form.

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