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Managing Your Personal Details
Managing Your Personal Details

If you need to change your password, mobile number etc

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As SurvAid is mainly concerned with survey data, we don't need store much information about users - only enough for team members to have their own individual accounts if required.

The data that relates to your particular user account can be managed in the "Profile" section in the left navigation.

Clicking in here will show an overview of the current data and the timeline of events for you in the system.

Editing Your Details

Clicking on the Edit button will bring up text fields that will let you set your name, mobile phone number etc

Click on the Save button when you have all the details correct.

Changing Your Password

If you need to change your password for any reason, click on the Change Password button.

A confirmation alert will appear - click OK to send an email containing a reset password button to your registered email address.

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