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The Billing section of SurvAid serves two different purposes depending on whether your company is in a trial period or paid plan.

Billing Whilst in a Trial

Regardless of the status of your company, the Billing section can be found by clicking on "Billing" in the left navigation.

If your company is currently within the free trial period, or the free trial has expired, then the Billing section shows the available paid plan options.

To upgrade your account, click on the Upgrade button underneath the desired plan and you'll be taken to the relevant signup page.

Billing on a Paid Plan

Once you've upgraded your account to a paid plan, the Billing section becomes the go-to place to monitor your usage levels, see breakdowns by job number, access historical invoices and more.

When you navigate to the Billing area on a paid plan, you'll find it's broken down into several sections:

Usage Summary

An overview giving the details of:

  • name and description of the plan your company is currently on

  • a graph showing historical upload and export figures

  • totals for uploads and exports in the current month

  • date the next invoice is due

Invoice History

A table of invoices sorted by most recent first, with the date, amount and payment status.

Clicking on an item will open a window where you can view (and download if required) a PDF of the physical invoice.

Counts By Job Number

A table of job numbers with the amount of chargeable exports to date next to each one, so you can quickly assign costs to a particular job.

CC Emails

When signing up to a paid plan, the payment page will allow you enter one email address for billing related correspondence.

However, it's common that you would want to CC in other addresses as well such as accounts etc.

In the Billing section you can set the primary billing address, which is where invoices will be sent to, and up to three CC addresses that will be copied in on any messages sent to the primary billing address.

Click on the Edit button to update or enter new email addresses, and the Save button to save any changes.

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