Once a company is set up within SurvAid, you can then invite members of your team to become a part of it.

By providing individual users with their own login details it's possible to control access to various areas of the system, and also have a historical record of activity for each record stored in the database.

Team Member Roles

There are two roles a team member can have within SurvAid - Administrator and User.

Administrators have full access to all areas of SurvAid and can:

  • set up and edit company details

  • invite other users to be either Administrators or Users

  • change the roles of team members

  • remove team members from the company

  • see summaries of uploads and exports

  • enter and edit billing information and see past invoices

  • delete uploaded data

The User role has more restricted access which is limited to:

  • uploading data from apps

  • logging in to see and edit uploaded data

  • editing their personal information

(Administrators can also do anything a User can do)

Whoever initially sets up the company is automatically an Administrator.

Adding New Team Members

All tasks relating to managing users can be found by clicking on the "Teams" section in the left hand navigation in SurvAid (only Administrators have access to this area).

In here you can see which users have been added, and in which roles.

To invite a new team member, click on the Invite button in the relevant section, enter their email address and click Send.

That user will then receive an email invitation with a button they can click on. This will take them to a SurvAid page where they can set their password.

Once that's done, they'ill appear in this page along with all the other users.

Updating Team Member Details

Clicking on the name of a Team Member will bring up a detail page for that user. In here you can see basic details such as name and email address etc, and the timeline of their events in the system.

Depending on whether the user is an Administrator or User, there are a number of different buttons at the top right of the screen.

Editing Contact Information

Clicking on the Edit Details button allows you to change basic information such as the user's name, mobile number etc.

Click Save to save the changes.

Changing Roles

If the team member in question is a User, it's possible to change their role to an Administrator and vice versa.

In the above screenshot, that particular team member is a User so the button to change their role has the title Make Admin.

If they were and Administrator, then the button is titled Make User

Clicking on either will bring up a confirmation alert, and clicking OK will make the required change.

Removing Users From Your Company

Clicking on the Remove button at the top right will bring up a confirmation alert asking if you're sure you want to remove that team member.

Clicking OK will revoke access for that particular user to your company information (although they will still be able to log in to SurvAid).

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