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Import Data via CSV File
Import Data via CSV File

Upload files containing levels and/or coordinates from total stations etc

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Often, the data collected on-site with our mobile apps won't contain precise survey measurements as they're not available until some time afterwards. This could be manhole cover positions that are surveyed in for example, or post-processing GPS data for PGMs.

Whatever the reason, the SurvAid web portal allows you to import this data using a CSV file, and the system will match up the various fields based on the ID of the record in question.

The process is identical for both PGMs and manholes. For an example for PGMs see this YouTube video, and to see updating manhole coordinates in action see this YouTube video. Or, read on for details of how to set up the file and give it a try for yourself...

Fields that can be imported are:

  • Eastings (OS grid)

  • Northings (OS Grid)

  • Latitude (decimal coordinate)

  • Longitude (decimal coordinate)

  • CoverLevel (metres, used for manhole data)

So the data can be matched to the existing data, each row has to include the ID of the record in question (i.e. the PGM ID for PGM data or the Manhole ID for manhole data).

A lot of the time this data can be exported from the output of total stations - you just have to make sure the first row has the necessary headers so the system knows which data is which.

If you need to, it's straightforward to make the file yourself by setting it up as a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel and then choosing .csv in the "Save As" options.

To do the import, click on a job number in the main list, then in the next view click on the "CSV Import" tab at the top.

Here you can either navigate to the file you want to import or drag n' drop it on to the screen to trigger the upload.

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